Thursday, 24 March 2011

Fresh to Death

I have been busy busy busy.

Have a new boy on the go, or man rather he is 5 years older. He's from good ole London town so suits us both fine the whole long distance thing with our hectic lives.

I am currently doing some work at a solicitor's and hopefully they will fall in love with me and i'll be able to get a training contract out of them. Fingers crossed! It's all listening to tapes and typing, not much I can do if I'm honest. Really hectic environment, whenever anything goes wrong they like to put the blame on each other so I've gotten used to the arguments ha.

Then i accidentally got a job at Jaeger which I applied for months ago but they've only just gotten back to me so my weekends are taken up by that. Don't judge, I need the money.

I actually will not have a day off. It'll be like my first semester all over again. I worked 25 hours a week at Boots on top of my 2 days on uni. From September onwards my first day off was Christmas Day. And I was back in work the next day. I moan, but I secretly enjoy being busy it keeps me motivated otherwise I can spend entire days not doing a thing.

Looooong post to make up for lost time I suppose.

Current Obsession: Mariel Clayton

She's a part-time photographer that specialises in miniatures. Sounds random but her pictures are amazing if a little sadistic but we all have a sick twisted side that we let loose in our own ways. She does it through dolls and photography.

Copyright Mariel Clayton

This is one of her more tame images but go check out her Facebook and website. Her FB albums ahve captions explaining the pictures which is awesome.

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